Catch & Release Oi'o & Ulua

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What a way to start the new year! Went out with Captain Gary & Braddah Jeremy and was non-stop action... well in the evening! Either way it was epic and everything that was caught was released back into the ocean with the exception of some fresh bait.


Wetsuits, Apparel & Crankers

Bait Scissors:

Ulua Plugs:

Pelagic Fishing Shorts:

Rechargeable Light 2000 Lumens:

Rechargeable Headlamp 3500 Lumens:

Shimano Trevala:

Shimano Spheros:

Camouflage Braid Fishing Line:

Yeti Loadout Box:


GoPro 8:

GoPro 8 Dive Housing:

GoPro Mask:

GoPro Media Mod:

Chest Strap:

Grenade Grip:

Dive Watch:

Voice Over & Edit:

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