“Stand Out & Blend In”

 with original fish inspired camouflages. In each suit we do our best to capture actual fish qualities and details to be represented in the suit. These are 100% original designs that you won't see anywhere else. Our designs “Stand Out” in and out the water as we try our best to “Blend In” as the fish below.


Being born and raised in Hawaii with the passion of spearfishing, I know the struggles of affording high quality dive gear so, I started this company to support the local diver with just that, high quality affordable dive gear.

Growing up on the water surfing, my passion for the ocean was always there, but eventually I put away the surfboard for a bit and picked up my pops rod and reel. Watching him and my uncles dive and fish on camp trips, naturally I would follow in their footsteps. 

Spearfishing definitely stuck the most, but fishing is a new challenge that has grown on me. Learning new techniques to target specific fish just amazes me, but fishing can be quite expensive with rods, reels and tackle. I began fly tying in 2021 and since then, creating color combinations and different flies that are constantly catching is very rewarding. 

Mastering the art of spearfishing and fishing will take a lifetime to do, but whether its diving or fishing

. Trust the process, respect the journey and enjoy the venture!



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