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By Venture Wetsuits

Current products on Pre-Order/Reservations:


  • Venture Crew Boonie Hat Gray (ETA This Week)
  • Venture Crew Boonie Hat Black (ETA This Week)
  • The Honey Hole Dri Fit Hoodie (ETA Early August)
  • The Honey Hole T-Shirt (ETA Early August)


  • Blinky Tako Wetsuit (ETA August/September)
  • Omilu Wetsuit (ETA August/September)



Whenever we are planning to drop a new Wetsuit, T-Shirt, Hat, etc. we will begin taking Pre-Orders for the product. Meaning, the product is currently in production and could take anywhere from a couple weeks for T-Shirts & Hats to a couple months for Wetsuits. Pre-Ordering guarantees you your product in your size and once it arrives, it will ship the same day. Being that production takes some time, we mark down Pre-Orders by up to 20% OFF retail price. Pre-Order pricing ends about a week before the suits arrive. Stay up to date on our Instagram & Facebook feeds for updates on Pre-Order products. There are limited quantities in each pre-order so don't wait too long to pre-order.


Unlike Pre-Orders, reservations are not for new products. Reservations are for products we already have released, but we are restocking. This applies solely to Wetsuits. We have seen a high demand in our suits which is challenging for us to keep all suits in stock at one time. When the restock suits are in production we promote via Instagram & Facebook that you may reserve a suit in your size at 20% OFF retail price. This guarantees you your suit and when the shipment arrives, your suit will ship out the same day. Wetsuit production usually takes 2-3 months so patience is key. Reservation pricing ends about a week before suits arrive. There are limited quantities in each shipment so don't wait too long to reserve a suit.


Thanks to your support we are constantly facing the trouble of not having suits stocked in some designs and sizes. When we plan a restock of a suit we assess the demand accordingly before choosing a design to restock. Once a decision has been made we'll promote as Reservations, as listed above. Once those suits that are currently on that promotion arrive, we will re-asses and decide whether to restock a design (Reservation Promo)  or drop a new design (Pre-Order Promo).