Changing Your Speargun Bands

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After many dives, many misses & many fish landed you'll eventually have to change your bands on your speargun. You can take it to local dive shop or you can do it yourself once you have all the proper rigging gear. If you're like me, I don't know how to tie my bands good so I called up the boys to kick it and had Troy (@tkmaeda) tie them for me, but at the same time teach me in detail how to change my bands. Next time i'll have to give it a try myself.
A message from Troy:
*This is how I change my bands and do my band measurements.  There’s a lot of other techniques that people use, but this is how I do it*

Measure from the center of the existing band holes (or approximate where the center of the band would lie in a combined-band hole) to the corresponding fin/pin/tab/notch on the shaft.  Normally, the closest band would correspond to the closest fin/farthest fin from the trigger.  Once you get that measurement (in inches), you divide that number by 2 and add either 4” for 9/16” bands or add 5” for 5/8” bands.

9/16” = 1/2 + 4”
5/8” = 1/2 + 5”


Total distance between center of band hole to pin = 40”

==> (40/2) =20 + 4” = 24” total band length for 9/16” rubbers.

You should do measurements for every single band because distance between band holes and fins can differ.  Also, this is a GENERAL way to measure “standard” band lengths.  When you factor in things like different types of rubber material/construction as well as different wishbone lengths (standard is 4”), this measurement isn’t as accurate.  You can use this as a guide to figure out a starting point and adjust from there.  Remember, you can always cut and shorten your bands if they’re too long, but you can’t add rubber back on them.  Also, try the bands a few times first before deciding to cut them.  There’s always a break-in period for new rubber and it might take a few dives before your bands break in.

Instructor: Troy Maeda (@tkmaeda)
Kumu Video by Kaleo Ka'aikaula (@killas_one)
Bands changed on Hatch Rhino 55"


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