Cheap and effective way to spool your fishing reel.

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For years I've had a Penn Spinfisher V 10500 reel sitting on the shelf. It's in perfect working condition and I only used it a few times shore casting. It was spooled with green 50lb test line that looked pretty faded and wanted to put that reel back into use for light trolling and for live bait. So, I ordered 80lb braided line and an adjustable fishing spooler. 

While shopping for the fishing spooler there was a bunch to choose from ranging from $20-$50 and I couldn't see myself spending that much for an item that I'd only be using maybe once a year if that. Knowing that 95% of the time i'm spearfishing, buying new fishing reels is not a priority on my list.

I came across this spooler for $10 and was like why not?! $10 can't go wrong! & for $10, it worked great! It's adjustable to fit multiple size spools of line with a suction cup at the bottom to hold it in place. The suction cup worked great on kitchen granite counter top and poorly on my wooden office desk. It seems like it works more effectively on smooth hard flat surfaces. It took me less than 5 minutes to set up and a quick 20 minutes to spool my reel with the help from my kids. A 10500 size reel is a lot to spool and for me $10 was worth it. Now it's stored in my rigging gear kit for the next time use... maybe in a couple years...

& now i'm ready for action!



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Spinfisher V 10500:


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