Defogging Your New Dive Mask

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For years I've used the Hammerhead Speargun MV3 GoPro mask with blue tint. I absolutely loved that mask, it fit my face really well. It's a low volume mask that felt comfortable on deeper drops and on those deeper drops when the air in your mask compresses, on the way back up to the surface the air expands giving you just a little taste of air that you can breathe on the way back up. I was able to do that each time without wasting any air or water entering my mask.

Of course through heavy use, wear and tear, it was time for me to get a new mask. I shopped around hopping from one mask to another mask and nothing seemed to fit me well. Must be my face shape or maybe the seal of that mask, but I would always have water leaking in through by my eyes and in my nose. This was a big problem for me. I would take drops and have water slowly leaking in and it would throw off my comfortability in the water and make it real difficult to track fish. & on deeper drops I wouldn't get that tiny bit of air to breathe back on my ascend.

So after many frustrating dives I ordered the same MV3 GoPro mask that I love from Hammerhead Spearguns except purchased the amber lens this time, felt like being a little fancy. When it comes to a dive mask, you don't need anything expensive, name brand, fancy. All you need it is to fit properly on your face so you can dive with absolute comfort.

Anytime you have a new mask fresh out the box theres one very important step that you must do to help reduce the chance of fogging. Although fogging is inevitable and I highly recommend still using mask defog such as gel toothpaste or baby shampoo (which I prefer) before each dive. This simple trick will help reduce your chances of fogging tremendously!

Hammerhead Spearguns Mask:

Baby Shampoo Mask De-Fog:

Filmed with: GoPro 8:

Neck Mount:


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