Furikake-Seared Fish by Troy Maeda

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Furikake-Seared Fish

Fish used was Aku, but you can practically use any fish you would like. Recommended: Aku, Ahi, Mahi, Ono

1. Heat oil in pan to medium/medium high

2. Get your desired fish and make sure it’s completely dry

3. Fully chill/toss in freezer for ~10 mins to chill (Makes it easier to not overcook the fish)

4. Coat with your favorite furikake.  (This is aku and I used a katsuo-based furikake so that it would match better).  (Katsuo is the Japanese equivalent to aku)

5. Place fish in pan and let cook for ~20 seconds.  (This is an ~1.5”x1.5” block of aku)

6. Turn fish 90 degrees onto uncooked side

7. Repeat until all sides of fish are cooked

8. Place seared fish into freezer for ~10 minutes (this will help stop the cooking process and firm up the fish for easier cutting).

9. Use a SHARP knife to cut the fish into sashimi-thick pieces.

10. Serve

Suggested accompaniments are ponzu or a spicy aoli sauce for dipping. 


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