Garlic Black Bean Steamed Weke Nono (Goatfish)

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You can never let awesome conditions go to waste even if you spent the night before out late cranking a little bit too much. So instead of spearfishing less than 100%, we decided to go holoholo. As you know a bad day fishing is still better than a good day staying home stressing on fantasy football.


Wetsuits, Apparel & More


Bait Scissors:

Pelagic Fishing Shorts:

Shimano Trevala:

Shimano Spheros:

Camouflage Braid Fishing Line:

Bubba Blade:

Fishing Net:

Yeti Loadout Box:


GoPro 8:

GoPro 8 Dive Housing:

GoPro Mask:

GoPro Media Mod:

Chest Strap:

Grenade Grip:
Dive Watch:

Voice Over & Edit:

Cover Art Complements of my daughter, subscribe to her channel!


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