Omilu - Bluefin Trevally

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Brown water advisory throughout the Hawaiian Islands due to heavy rains and crazy flooding. I hope everyone was able to stay safe and drive and be a helping hand in need. Due to us not diving or fishing here's another one from the highlight reel. My top two most memorable Omilu's. Enjoy!

Wetsuits, Apparel & More​

Gear Rigging & Maintenance:

Fish Stringer & Throw Flashers: Dive Knife:

GoPro 8:​

GoPro 8 Dive Housing:​

GoPro Mask:​

GoPro Head Strap:

GoPro Media Mod:​

Chest Strap:​

Grenade Grip:​

Dive Watch:​

Voice Over & Edit:​

Yeti Loadout Box:​

Yeti Cooler:

Fish Bag:


Baby Shampoo Mask De-Fog:​

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