Preparing your body for battle.

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Usually we only get one day to get in a dive a week, so when we go... we go all out. Sun up to sun down. Waking up 5am and not coming home till 9pm or later. You really gotta prepare your body for an all day battle. Everybody has their own pre-dive rituals that they must do before any spearfishing dive and what they eat and drink throughout the day. I just wanted to go through what I do to keep myself going and I'm interest to see what you guys do as well!


Of course it starts the day before, hydrating as much as you can before the dive, but here's what I do right when I wake up the morning of the dive.

1. After brushing teeth and all that good stuff (taking your morning dump), I can't leave with making a peanut butter jelly sandwich and the jelly must be grape, if not it'll be a bad day already.

2. I grab the large Body Armor Lyte out the fridge and any hydrating water (Smart Water, Aquahydrate, Core, etc) of your choice. Ill drink the Body Armor Lyte on the way to meet up with he crew and finish it before even getting to the harbor. I'll then sip on the hydrating water all the way up until we get to the dive grounds.

Body Armor Lyte:

Core Hydrating Water:

3. First sip of the Body Armor I'm popping a Sudaped to clear any residual boogers that can cause sinus problems later in the day.

4. Throughout the dive Im drinking water (regular bottle water or hydrating water), along with gatorade zero. I try to limit my sugar intake until I start to feel crappy. 

Gatorade Zero:

5. Once I do start to feel crappy more than likely my sugar is low, also because I haven't ate since the peanut butter jelly sandwich which was probably around 5am. Eating light snacks is ok, anything heavy or greasy will affect your performance in the water. I usually snack on Pringles and light candies like Trolli Eggs, Li Hing Mui candies or Sour Candies.


Trolli Eggs:

Li Hing Mui Candy:

Sour Candies:

6. I end the day with a Musubi and a energy drink. I try to go for the drinks that has aminos like Reign or Bang but I really enjoy Raze Energy Drinks. That energy drink for the trek back to the harbor is the perfect boost of energy to wash down the boat and gear.

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I hope some of these little tips help prepare you for all day dives and please share your methods in the comments below!

Pro Tip: Clean your fish before you go home, faster to cook and the family doesn't have to smell fish for days!




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