Satou - Shoyu Fish with Somen

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Satou - Shoyu Fish with Somen Recipe by Troy Maeda 

Instagram: @tkmaeda


-Fish (good way to use collars, bones, etc.)








1. Salt and pepper fish

2. Pan fry until cooked on both sides

3. Remove fish from pan

4. Add ~1:1 ratio of shoyu to sugar into pan (slightly less sugar to shoyu)

5. Taste and adjust flavor as needed

6. Add in ~1/4-1/2 cup of water to mixture (should result in slightly watered-down taste)

7. Add sliced ginger to pan

8. Add fish back into sauce

9. Bring to a simmer

10. Simmer fish (while flipping occasionally) until fish takes on color of the sauce (~10-15 minutes)

11. Remove fish from sauce

12. Strain sauce through a colander (to help catch any potential bones)

13. Pour sauce over cooled and drained somen noodles and serve with the fish

Suggestion: Garnish somen with green onions and/or kamaboko, etc..

Optional: Add diced chili pepper to sauce while simmering to make a "spicy" somen sauce.


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