Taking drops before the drop. The beginning of Venture Wetsuits.

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The first two suits we designed and released were the Roi & Ono wetsuit. The suits arrived a month or two before the official release so the Venture Crew went on a little dive trip for some suit testing, big fish & good times! We geared up, packed extra monofilament & shafts in search of some big game.
I don't know about you, but before any dive I just can't sleep the night before. Especially knowing that the conditions are nice and that you never know what you'll encounter out in the water on any given dive. So we did a round of Nyquil shots are tried our best to get some rest.
We suited up and hit the water. Being that this was our very first run of wetsuits it was good to test out the fit, the feel and to look closely in how we can improve the suits and where can we make adjustments. The more you dive and buy more dive gear you'll learn what you like and don't like, what works and what doesn't work. We put all our experiences together to create our suit. 
Light winds & flat surf meant it wasn't long till fish was on the boat!
I guess you can say we were eating good that week. We ended up catching a variety of Uku's (Green Job Fish), Mu (Big Eye Emperor), Uhu (Parrot Fish) & Moana Kali (Blue Goat Fish). Enough to eat while we were there and enough to bring back home to share with our family and friends. 
It was a great trip filled with choke laughs, choke beer & choke fish blood on the deck! As the old saying goes, "Leave behind nothing but memories & take back more than what you came with," we did some reef cleaning as well. 
We shot over 200 pounds of Roi. Roi, also known as the Peacock Grouper, is an invasive fish in Hawaiian Waters. It was introduced to Hawaii to help regulate other invasive fish such as Toau & Ta'ape but began preying on other small reef fish instead. Every dive, not just this trip, we do our best by taking out Roi or other invasive fish when we see them. The more we take care of our waters the more they will continue to feed our families and have fish for the next generation. 
Overall, the trip was a blast and we got to put Venture Wetsuits to the test. We officially released our suits in October 2018 at the Hawai'i Fish & Dive Expo and since then we made modifications in our suits and we continue to look at ways to improve the suits, but when it comes to designs... No worry, we get plenty!

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