Blinky Tako 3mm Wetsuit

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Stand out and blend in during dives in the Venture Tako Wetsuit. The Japanese word "Tako" which means octopus was introduced to Hawaii by early Japanese settlers. It is still used today at local fish markets and by divers. This suit features Yamamoto #39 Neoprene and fully lined with CR Open Cell Neoprene for warmth and flexibility. Made as a two-piece wetsuit with high waistband trousers. Fabricated with a strong 7mm thick chest pad and knee pads, built in large pockets flush to the legs and strong black cuffs for your wrists and ankles to prevent water from entering your suit. This design is limited and won't be made again!


  • Lubricate wetsuit thoroughly with wetsuit lube (ex. conditioner and water).

  • Suit up pants by gently sliding legs into bottoms, carefully slide ankle cuffs over feet. Suit up tops by gently sliding arms and head into top, carefully slide wrist cuffs over hands.

  • Do not pull aggressively on stitching or use excessive force while donning the wetsuit. Avoid using finger nails to prevent tears.


  • Rinse inside and outside thoroughly or soak in fresh water. Use soap if desired.

  • Hang dry and store out of direct sunlight and in moderate climate temperature.

  • If your suit develops odor, submerge suit in a bucket of water and wetsuit soap.