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Stand out and blend in during dives in the Venture Nohu Wetsuit. Inspired by the Nohu, commonly known Scorpion Fish. Nohu commonly hide in caves or under ledges and don't move a muscle until their prey is in striking distance. Once close enough, the Nohu devours its prey in seconds! The Nohu spines are poisonous but the fish itself is very much edible. It taste great as sashimi or fish head soup. Its red and orange colors gives this fish, and wetsuit, looks that kill.


  • Yamamoto #39 Neoprene 
  • Titanium Coated Open Cell
  • Outside scuff and abrasive resistance material
  • Sealed Reinforced Stitching which is a coating over the stitching that is sacrificial to protect and give more longevity to the stitching. Through normal use  itll begin to peel and you can repair with our Wetsuit Repair Glue. 
  • 2-piece suit with high waisted bottoms
  • Larger 7MM thick chest pad
  • Knee & elbow pads
  • Black wrist and ankle cuffs
  • Two flush pockets with purge outlets to reduce drag.
  • Arm pocket for quick access to throw flasher or spoon

Click here for all wetsuit care, maintenance & instructions. 


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