30lb Uku Off Live Bait

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30lb Uku Off Live Bait

Above & Below with @dupiodiver

Around this time last year in August I was heading off to do some live bait fishing. The day started out like any other. Launched out of Waianae harbor and was trolling my way to the point for a while. I didn’t have any luck doing that so decided to pull my lines in and start looking for some live bait. After searching around for about 45 minutes I was lucky enough to pick up a few Opelu. Once I had enough I sent one out with my Penn Spinfisher 7500. I dragged that bait around for about 30 minutes or so then Bang! Fish on!!!  About 15 minutes into the fight the fish really woke up and started to pull some line. I realize that it was a good size fish at that point. The total fight last night about 30 minutes. When I finally got the fish next to my ski I was shocked at how big it was! I literally yelled out loud holy f**k! Stuck my Killfish gaff in his head and sealed the deal! To my amazement, the Uku or Green Job Fish came out to a few ounces over 30 pounds! What an amazing day definitely one for the books! 

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