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ABOVE & BELOW WITH @DUPIODIVER Decided to head to the buoys to drag some live bait in search of a monster. Launched my ski about 6AM and work my way into my zone that holds opelu. Searched around for about an hour and was able to find them. Hooked nine of them and made my way out to the bouys. As I was getting close to the bouy I could see there was bird all over and look like there was a lot of life around. Pulled up and sent out a fresh lively opelu and started dragging that bad...

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Above & Below with @dupiodiver Around this time last year in August I was heading off to do some live bait fishing. The day started out like any other. Launched out of Waianae harbor and was trolling my way to the point for a while. I didn’t have any luck doing that so decided to pull my lines in and start looking for some live bait. After searching around for about 45 minutes I was lucky enough to pick up a few Opelu. Once I had enough I sent one out with my Penn Spinfisher 7500. I dragged that bait...

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This weeks blog features Dave Williams, also know as @dupiodiver on Instagram as he shares his passion for jet ski fishing and diving! Stay tuned for more fishing and spearfishing action off his Jet Ski & don't forget to give him a follow on Instagram: @dupiodiver & Subscribe to his Youtube Channel.   How I got into Jet Ski fishing..... I was pretty much only a diver until I bought my ski.  I always Loved fishing but just never had much luck with it back when I had a boat. About a month before I actually purchase my Jetski friend of...

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