Above & Below With Dave Williams

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This weeks blog features Dave Williams, also know as @dupiodiver on Instagram as he shares his passion for jet ski fishing and diving! Stay tuned for more fishing and spearfishing action off his Jet Ski & don't forget to give him a follow on Instagram: @dupiodiver & Subscribe to his Youtube Channel.


How I got into Jet Ski fishing.....

I was pretty much only a diver until I bought my ski.  I always Loved fishing but just never had much luck with it back when I had a boat. About a month before I actually purchase my Jetski friend of mine brought me out fishing on his boat and showed me some basics of live baiting opelu.  I thought to myself this was something I could totally do with my ski.  When I finally purchased my ski I began the long process of basically teaching myself how to fish.  That’s something I’m definitely pretty proud of.  I managed to be relatively successful considering.  It took me one year before I was able to catch opelu using a sabiki rig. Lol       
My Jetski went to several different set up before I’ve come up with what works best for me.  I need a video on my YouTube channel if you’re interested in checking out my set up.  

      So yeah that’s basically how I started Jetski fishing and now I do it more than I dive.. haha.

 - David Williams
    Aka: @dupiodiver


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