When you least expect it, the reel sings.

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Decided to head to the buoys to drag some live bait in search of a monster. Launched my ski about 6AM and work my way into my zone that holds opelu. Searched around for about an hour and was able to find them. Hooked nine of them and made my way out to the bouys. As I was getting close to the bouy I could see there was bird all over and look like there was a lot of life around. Pulled up and sent out a fresh lively opelu and started dragging that bad boy around. After about an hour and a half of straight boredom.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! The reel started screaming! Lock down the drag a bit then charged off with the ski to set the hook and the fight was on!!! Fought this guy for about 45 minutes. Got him next to the ski and sunk my gaff in and the rest is history!! So stoked!! 

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